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acrylic on canvas
48"x 48"

The title “Intra-Venus” was inspired by and borrowed from Hanna Wilke’s posthumous “Intra-Venus” exhibit, which documented her illness until her death in 1993.
Increasingly, over the last decade, many of our friends and families have been diagnosed with various types of cancers and illnesses. I was spending a lot of time researching treatments and outcomes. This painting was a response to my concern, anxiety, hope and fear for what we may or may not endure, the known and the unknown.Mediated images of the body via medical imaging practices pervade our cultural landscape. Boundaries are blurred between what is public and what is private. I’m interested in investigating embodiment and subjectivity within this context. What complexities unfold when our interior bodies become visible, exterior maps?
Genetic profiling, medical imaging and monitoring, impact our lives and our understanding of health and disease.