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Reboot #1
Reboot #1
oil and acrylic on canvas
36x108 in. diptych, left panel 36x72", right panel 36x36"

The "Reboot" series references the mind, mental health, memory loss and recovery and the technologies and medicines used to improve it. Many things can effect our memories including aging, trauma, depression and medicines used to treat other illnesses.

"Technology and memory have a strange relationship, namely because many people today argue that technology like smart phones and tablets are actually disengaging the brain and causing our memory functions to suffer. For example, our GPS programs on every smartphone have made it less important to know your way around a city, while Google answers every question before you can even fire up the old neurons to try and remember it naturally.

That being said, technology has also led to the development of brain games and wider accessibility to information about memory loss and methods to improve it. This strange paradox of being both a problem and solution is yet another fascinating aspect of technology!"

("Science ABC," n.d., para. 1).